evo Mortgage Assist Africa

evo Mortgage Assist Africa, based in Pretoria, started out as Mortgage Assist in September 2001.

We are a professional mortgage origination firm, specialising in commercial, industrial, agriculture and residential property, as well as housing developments.

We also do asset financing which includes, but is not limited to, vehicles (agricultural, industrial and mining), equipment (commercial, industrial, agricultural and medical) as well as motorcycles, boats and aircraft.

Matthew Knoetsec has 40 years’ experience in the banking sector, 20 years being in the private/wealth banking space. His experience in credit lending and deal structuring as well as financial planning allows him to offer a service to his clients that will serve their unique needs and circumstances best.

Jan de Beer, has 34 years’ legal and bond origination experience. He specialises in contracts and structuring of transactions that best suite his client’s needs. Jan at all times strives to provide clients with sound advice whilst taking cognisance of any specific requirements that they might have.

Our promise to our clients is: Knowledgeable, Personalized and Priority Service

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