evo has a national footprint of independent owner-operated home loan originators, and is affiliated to ooba, South Africa’s largest bond originator.

We understand our evo home loan originators business needs, and provide them with a suite of services that gives them the independence of working for themselves in a confident partnership with a dynamic, successful and credible organisation. Whether their vision is a successful one-person office or a thriving national business we will support them every step of the way. They have the flexibility of selecting assistance from our fully staffed home loans processing hubs for the submission of their applications, or to make use of our propriety software to submit applications on their own. With evo our home loan originators have access to all the major banks in South Africa.

Adding our insurance products into your origination offering will allow you to grow an additional revenue stream for your business one that will deliver annuity returns. The two key products are buildings protector and bond protector.

We offer you the following benefits

  • A credible brand
  • An affiliation to ooba, SA’s largest home loan originator
  • Information on the documentation required by the banks
  • Bank training & updates
  • Deal arbitration & escalation
  • Automated commission payments
  • System & Induction training
  • Competitive commission structures
  • Additional income streams through partners
  • Software system for home loan processing

We’ve got you covered!

Whether your buyer has bought property before or is a first-time home buyer getting affordable insurance that provides maximum cover is an essential part of owning property. This is why our offering is built to accommodate every one of your buyer’s home insurance needs.

Our insurance offering includes:

  • Bond protection– The ooba Bond Protector provides bondholders and their dependents with comprehensive bond insurance cover of up to R1.5m in the event of death, disability, dread disease or retrenchment.
  • Buildings Protection – We cover the risks of damage or destruction to your home from fire, flood, your geyser bursting and many other contingencies.
Bridging Finance

Transferring ownership of a property or registering a new or additional bond can take anywhere between 30-60 days. The owner often only obtains access to the surplus funds from the sale or new bond at the end of this period. However, there are often instances when the owner may need to access funds before this takes place. During this period, our partner is able to provide the owner with bridging finance before registration of the sale or the new bond.

evo has partnered with a national bridging finance company Rodel Financial Services to offer bridging deals to your customers including:

  • Sellers: advancing of proceeds
  • Buyers: advancing of costs
  • Owners: pending registration of their bond
  • Estate agents: advancing commissions earned
  • Where there is equity in a property and the owner has concluded a valid sale agreement;
  • When the owner has obtained approval for a new or additional bond to be registered over the property.
  • To pay transfer duty on a new property
  • To cover the cost of outstanding rates/taxes/levies on the property being sold
  • As a deposit on a new property
  • For repayment of personal debt
  • To provide working capital funding for businesses
  • To pay transfer duty on a new property

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