Bank Continuity Plans for the processing of home loan applications during Covid-19 lockdown

  • Normal bank service level agreements for the processing of applications submitted to the bank prior to lockdown but not finalised by 26/03/2020, and new home loan applications, will not apply from 27th March to 16th April.
  • Where a physical property valuation is required (as opposed to a desktop valuation), the banks will only be able to provide us with an Approval In Principle (AIP) subject to satisfactory valuation.
  • The issuing of the final grant quotation will be pended until access can be obtained to value the property after lockdown has been lifted.
  • In cases where a bank is required to verify employment and the buyer is employed by a non-essential services company, the bank may not be able to issue an AIP, due to the closure of non-essential services companies during lockdown.
  • Buyers must be cautioned to expect delays in the processing of applications at all banks during the lockdown period. Real estate agents must include extended time periods into OTP’s for bond approval, including on recent deals where a bank outcome has not been received by close of business on 26/03/2020.
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